The Spot


Le Pin Sec is one of Frances best kept secrets hidden and surrounded by the beautiful pine forests and sand dunes. It offers many un-crowded peaks and a short walk to the north or south, peaks with no one on them at all. The west coast of France gets battered by Atlantic swells all year round, it is very rare that there will be little or no surf. On good off shore days high and low tide can provide some epic hollow barrels.

France's most famous waves lie in the south west, this 200 plus km of beach contains  world class  surf spots and the famous trench which bisects the continental shelf, delivering Atlantic power straight onto the beach. As you travel south the water warms and the surf becomes more consistent, with the west facing coastline offering the greatest consistency.

France has some of the best beach breaks in the world and is a mecca for all aspiring surfers out there looking to score perfect waves! With a little luck, you could be surfing green beach break barrels or solid rock shelf peaks, couple that with fine wine, gorgeous women, hundreds of years of history and architecture, and you've got the potential for the surf trip of a lifetime.

The west coast of France can  be split into 3 main surfing areas - South Brittany's coast (furthest north), the Coast of Light (Cote de Lumiere) which stretches from Brittany down to La Rochelle and Poitou-Charente and then the Silver Coast (Gironde (Lacanau), Landes (Hossegor), and the Basque Country (Biarritz) ) — meeting with Spain in the south.

The Silver Coast has surf spot, after surf spot, after surf spot. If the swell is good the entire coast lights up. This really is the area to head for with some ultra hollow consistent beach breaks to pound all day. The quality of the waves here is so good due to the funnel shape of the Bay of Biscay - channelling the waves in to the eager surfers. And it is here where we find the infamous Feral Surf Tipi Village.