Yoga and Surfing

Yoga sessions can be booked once you have arrived at the camp. 


The relation between Yoga and Surfing is like the union of the moon and the sun or the tides and the swell. They both work wonderfully together in order to calm and balance your mind and body after a strenuous day of paddling and surfing.


Yoga compliments surfing in many ways, it helps you to:


-improve your balance and posture

-improve flexibility and muscle strength (especially core, arms and leg muscles)

-sharpen your mental focus to prevent injuries and chronic pain in neck, shoulders, hips, lower back and knees

-calm the adrenaline rush after a vigorous activity like surfing

-deeply relax the body and nervous system

-activate the natural self-healing mechanism and detoxifying the body


Since you spend some time paddling and waiting for a wave you can focus and keep alert through a few simple Yoga techniques.


Your Yoga practice will help you when you need that extra paddle to get into the next wave, or to regain energy between sets or even to calm yourself after a wipeout.


Just check what Kelly Slater, Sally Fitzgibbons or even Mr 100ft waves Garrett McNamara have to say about it.


Yoga classes with Johanna:


There is no better way to stretch out these aching muscles after a long day of paddling whilst enjoying the sundown.


Johanna teaches alignment orientated Yoga that includes flowing elements which are closely related to a pop up on a surfboard. Lessons vary from gentle to more dynamic and are suitable for anyone (beginners and advanced) who is looking to benefit their surfing skills.


Following a gentle warm up we begin to lengthen the body. With the flow of our breath, we release pressure to rebalance the body.

The flow of prana (breath) energy helps us to stay focused and go deeper into the yoga postures and experience our true self, like we do when catching a wave and feel the power of the ocean.


Yoga is the ultimate form of balance, bringing peace and harmony into many aspects of your life with continuous practice.

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