Why Choose Our Girls Surfing Camp In The South Of France

Why Choose Our Girls Surfing Camp In The South Of France

Inspiring women to take part in sport is something the London 2012 Olympics aimed to do, but the results are always hard to record. At Feral Surf Tours, we want girls to stay, learn a new skill and enjoy their very own girls surfing camp in the South of France.

Learning to surf with the best possible coach – none other than professional surfer and model Corinne Evans – and indulging in the wide range of activities in Girls Surfing Week will provide all the fun and excitement you want this summer.

Girls Surfing Week is set-up to give women the chance to surf, have fun and escape on the coast of France. The combination of some of the best possible waves with the latest equipment will give you a great chance to discover a new talent or improve your skills.

During the day, you can sample yoga on the beaches of our Le Pin Sec resort and surf with all the equipment thrown in, before you move to night time where you can try French wine and sleep in your glamorous beach tipi.

You’re sure to have a great time in the communal and friendly atmosphere our team at Feral Surf Tours create every time.

If you’ve got any questions about our girls surfing camp this year, speak to one of our helpful team.