Surf Clothing Brand

Clothing synonymous with surfing is perfect for those lazy summers lounging on the beach, keeping you looking fresh and cosy in the sunshine after drying off from the sea. There’s no reason, however, that surf clothing brands such as ours at Feral shouldn’t be all year-round apparel.

Hoodies are a great way to spend time at the beach. They’re able to be chucked on over someone who’s too cold, or yourself when you’ve just towelled after a swim. The warm interior takes on a lucid feeling when you’ve been in the water for a while.

We have a wide range of hoodies here on our online website, including styles with pockets across the stomach and zip-through for both men and women. Our classic hoody is available in both genders (although hoodies are increasingly not gender specific) and in colours such as; black, navy, claret red, dark heather and island blue.

We also stock shirts, caps and jackets to accompany your surfing trip. Browse our range of stylist hoodies to get ready for those long summer days. If you’re still deliberating over your 2017 holidays, why not check out our Feral surf tours from our Southern France abode.

To find out if we can accommodate for you and your family this summer, check out our latest packages.