Group Surf Camp

Group Surf Camp

Picture the sand dunes, the ever-lapping waves and vast pine forests. Now, combine them together, stick a surfboard beneath you, and add a group of friends. That’s our aim at Feral Surf Tours, to create a perfect group surf camp in the South of France.

Le Pin Sec, near to Bordeaux, is an ideal place to stay. Not too busy, not too remote and packed full of waves for both beginners and experts. The most famous waves in France are in the Southern part of the country, and our campsite is located to get the best of these with the all-important amenities.

The Bordeaux region is famous for delicious red wine and gorgeous food. Visiting our surfing campsite for a week or a weekend will provide you with a lifetime of memories. Choose to include surfing lessons in with your trip with our bespoke service.

You can decide what you pay for to get the most affordable price for you and your group. If you’re a fan of soaking up the sun on the gloriously sandy beaches, or you want to sample the local cuisine, it’s all on your doorstep.

Our accommodation is ideal for groups and will give you that hotel room feel; only on the beach. Gaze at the sunsets and meet amazing new people with us.

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