Find Custom Surf Holidays

Find Custom Surf Holidays

Finding a solace away from the busy cities and mobile phone-orientated lifestyle is becoming a popular destination for holidays. At Feral Surf Tours, we like to ensure you’re both comfortable and relaxed with our custom surf holidays.

Our campsite, named Le Pin Sec, is based in the South of France, not far from Bordeaux. The coastal waters of France provide an ideal place for beginners and practising professionals to ride the waves. You can choose to include surf lessons, yoga lessons and more into your custom holiday.

We have made our campsite a great place to stay. Somewhere you can enjoy the solitude of the beach and proximity of the forest as well as necessary amenities. Our Tipi village at Feral Surf Tours is sure to provide you with everything you need:

  • The cute triangular tents are suitable for between two to four people to sleep in.
  • Featuring funky lighting, beds and carpet, you will have the hotel room feel combined with the escapism of being close to the sea.
  • Nestled close to the forest and situated on beautiful sand dunes, you’ll wake up with a beautiful view each morning.

Discover how you can tailor your holiday with us and create your perfect getaway this summer by contacting our team today.