Family Surf Holidays

Family Surf Holidays

Bordeaux prompts thoughts of lush sandy beaches, European sun and the best wine in all of France. What it might not serve up in your mind is surfing, camping and fun for all the family. At Feral Surf Tours, we offer family surf holidays in our secret forest camping site.

Le Pin Sec, one of the best-kept secrets in the surfing fraternity in France, has some of the most consistently good surfs around. This is down to the Atlantic Ocean’s unstoppable buffeting of the French coast. Surrounded by beautifully dense forests, Le Pin Sec is a great place to surf as well as keep everyone in the family happy.

On the Feral Surf Tours site, we have bars, restaurants and a surf shop to keep you satisfied and ready to get back on the water. Just down the road from our site, is the towns of Hourtin Plage and Montalivet which both have bars, street arts and entertainment during the day and night.

If you want to see the professionals surfing, just 40 minutes from our site is the world renowned WQS SooRuz pro competition. All the surfers competing are trying their best to qualify for the ASP World Tour. No surfer has ever won this competition twice, a testament to the surfing conditions on the French coast.

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